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Hi, it's a while since I have posted but am now looking for some advice and wondered if anyone can help me. I have today received a letter confirming my DLA award for high level care and high level mobility components for an indefinite period. This is great news and I am delighted but a little confused as I'm wondering what this means in terms of PIP which is meant to replace DLA eventually.

Can anyone advise will the indefinite decision transfer to Pip when the time comes or will I still need to be assessed further. It's causing me some anxiety as I find these processes very difficult.

Anyone in a similar situation please?

Thanks very much


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    I'm on indefinite DLA (higher mobility element). I will have to be re-assessed for PIP when I get the paperwork. I understand that anyone under the age of 64 who is in receipt of DLA will be sent a PIP application pack. If you don't respond to that, your benefit is stopped. So, you have to complete the forms all over again and hope for the best.

    You may find it helpful to get to your local CAB and talk to them about this. Or, search online to see when you will be being called in. I think for most people on indefinite DLA it's 2015 onwards although I know there are delays with it all as there have been major teething problems with this.

    When my forms come in I intend to get a photocopy done, use that to do the completion initially, read it through, complete the 'proper' form, copy that and send it off registered delivery. Then I'll have to hope for the best with everyone else.

    Good luck with this and try not to worry too much in the meantime.

    Take care,
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    hello eveyone, sorry not been on for a long long time, but read this post and it got me so cross and also would like to share my D L A issue, i had the help of the CAB helping with the form anyway to cut along story short i am having to go through the appeal process and its not right, anyway rant over, i got awareded the dla for high rate mobility, then 3 weeks later they done a u turn and say NO your getting nothing in a roundabout sort of way, that they do, i am so very annoyed about this, and i relizing you can belive what they say, thats how i feel anyway, so regarding the question of indefinate award, it means they can review it at anytime, it dont mean what you think it means.
    sorry to rant on but this needs to be sorted out as i saw on the news a girls mobilty car is being taken off her as they dont think she entilled to it anymore, this is so wrong, sorry to go on
    my advice to anyone would be get someone who good at fighting for people rights, as i have done, and dont let them win.

    watch this space.
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    Hi Mummyb
    I had a similar letter a couple of weeks ago, out of the blue, just to confirm that I am getting middle rate care and high rate mobility. This also said "indefinate".
    That does not mean the same as it used to, we are all up for review for the new PIP. I read that if your award is indefinite then you will not be asked to complete a new form before October of this year. Once you complete the new form and send in your supporting evidence, they decide if they want to see you face to face which I assume will happen to most if not all of us who are under pension age.

    Only 49, it is terrible the things that they are doing to those who are genuinely ill and disabled. It is important to get the right people on your side, even down to your local MP, I know ours fights tooth and nail for his constituents, which is admirable. Don't worry about ranting, so many of us have had various problems and set backs with the DLA. People have been deemed fit to work and it is so obvious that they are not at all capable, through no fault of their own. We don't choose to have a life of pain, lack of mobility etc, it is not a vocation. Makes me mad too. Hope your appeal goes well and in your favour. Have you asked for a formal reconsideration of your claim. X Bubbles

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