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Hello everyone, you may remember the two cats I adopted at the begining of the year, Max (he's diabetic) and Kimba both Burmese, well Max was very poorly a few weeks ago and after a rush to the vet it was discovered that he had an inflamed pancreas, so to cut a long story short, he's now on human insulin at such a miniscule dose but the change in him is unbelievable.

If the vet wasn't half my age, I'd give him a big kiss :oops:


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    Sorry to hear Max has been poorly but glad your vet was able to help him, glad the insulin is helping and he's back to his normal self. Send Max a bug fussy hug from me and not forgetting Kimba give her a fussy hug from me too!
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    I will Bubba' thanks :)
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    Must be lovely to see him so much better. :) Glad he's got you & the vet looking out for him so well. x
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    I'm really glad that Max is on the mend. . Give him a chin stroke from me :D
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    Hello doofer I am sure I posted on here earlier... :? I am so glad that Max is doing well, and what a good vet to spot this..may he have many more years with you... :D
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    Such good news....Glad a fix could be found. Cat feeling better = owner feeling better.

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