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I had my assessment today and it went well. The woman who assessed me was a physiotherapist and very friendly and encouraging. We have agreed on a number of things including Dragon software, a telephone headset, dictaphone, a large combined writing slope and book rest and use of a microphone for staff training. She was also very clear on the fact that on bad days I had to ask if I needed help and to make sure I take regular rest breaks she is sending a link so I can set up reminders on my computer at work. She also said I should take longer than 15 minutes as a mid-day break, and felt that a working day of 7 hours was reasonable.
She also told me that as an ex PIP assessor she felt I should apply for that and even gave me some advice on completing the mobility part as I hadn't thought this was relevant to me.
Apparently the PIPs assessment process should be getting quicker as they are taking on more staff to complete the assessments.

Came home, bit the bullet and phoned to start my claim.

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