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I really don't know how to do this form. I am at a complete loss.


Every day, I walk my dog as early as i physically can (which is sometimes as late as midday).

After walking my dog, sometimes i am so physically and mentally ruined i can barely walk at all and struggle with getting to the loo etc.
Sometimes i am ok.

Before walking my dog, I conserve as much energy as possible so do not walk to much. Sometimes i can, sometimes i cannot at all...

Sometimes i am bedridden, sometimes i end up in the woods for 90mins with my boy... How on earth do i put this accurately into my form yet make it clear i NEED to walk my dog daily (for his welfare too) for mental health reasons? I suffer severe anxiety, depression and get strong thoughts of suicide/self harm and have previous issues with addiction but walking with him helps keep my brain focused off those things that put me in danger.

He is NOT registered or certified as a assistance dog in anyway shape or form. Simply a pet, can i even mention him? Will they think if i can care for an animal i am physically capable?

I am so confused and don't know what to do.. I really don't want to screw this up for myself as i rely on this money to pay for my vehicle to get around :'(


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    Good Morning

    The best advice I can give you and the advice I was given when completing forms for my autistic son is that your responses on the form should be based on your worst day(s)

    Fill in only the information they are requesting.

    Take your time to complete, look at each activity, think how long it would take you to do it on a really bad day, if need be ask those around you for input or 'time' yourself doing the activities,you will be surprised how long somethings really do take.

    I would also recommend taking a photocopy of the form before returning it.

    Hope that helps
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    I went for help to Age Concern Uk to help with my forms. They are very good. But like ButtonsMum says you must think of the time when you are at your worst, not when you are feeling better! For example how long would it take for you to walk 30m on your worst day? How long does it take you to get ready? Can you cook on those bad days?

    For me I can't cook on those bad days - I buy ready made veg that you pop into the oven with something that can also go into the oven. This is my cooking. Why? Because it's dangerous for me to peel the veg, to try and cut it, using water etc. you have to explain yourself. I always have 3/5 meals like that in my fridge!

    In the past you see I've ended up pouring hot boiling water all over my hands, thanks to arthritis, the number of broken dishes is unbelievable, a couple of weeks go by and I will break a tall glass. Last week the sugar fell out of my hand all over the countertop, it looked like the inside of a snow globe, my husband has to clean it up (luckily he works from home).

    Good luck with the application.

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