Arthritis in knee, pain in tendons

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I have been diagnosed with OA in my left knee. I have been told nothing can be done other than a replacement by my orthopaedic surgeon.

However, what concerns me right now is that as well as my knee pain, I have severe pain in the tendons up the back of my leg.

The surgeon says this tendon pain has to be coming from my knee, but could it be caused by something else?


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    Hi Scottie99

    Thank you for your posting, I can hear how concerned you are about your knee pain and whether or not the tendon pain is coming from your knee or something else.

    We’re not medically trained on the Helplines and are unable to offer individual medical advice. Diagnosis of any symptoms needs to be made by a medical professional.

    You don’t say whether you’re returning to the orthopaedic surgeon or not. If you are you could talk about your doubts with them. If you’re not seeing them again then you could speak to your GP about your concerns as they would be best placed to answer this.

    If you’d like to give us a call on our Freephone Helplines: 0808 800 4050 (10-4 weekdays) we could explore options with you if you feel that could help.
    Best wishes