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I really don't know how to do this form. I am at a complete loss.


Every day, I walk my dog as early as i physically can (which is sometimes as late as midday).

After walking my dog, sometimes i am so physically and mentally ruined i can barely walk at all and struggle with getting to the loo etc.
Sometimes i am ok.

Before walking my dog, I conserve as much energy as possible so do not walk to much. Sometimes i can, sometimes i cannot at all...

Sometimes i am bedridden, sometimes i end up in the woods for 90mins with my boy... How on earth do i put this accurately into my form yet make it clear i NEED to walk my dog daily (for his welfare too) for mental health reasons? I suffer severe anxiety, depression and get strong thoughts of suicide/self harm and have previous issues with addiction but walking with him helps keep my brain focused off those things that put me in danger.

He is NOT registered or certified as a assistance dog in anyway shape or form. Simply a pet, can i even mention him? Will they think if i can care for an animal i am physically capable?

I am so confused and don't know what to do.. I really don't want to screw this up for myself as i rely on this money to pay for my vehicle to get around :'(


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    I think you should be honest, but, tell it like it is on a bad day. You can always say that your condition fluctuates.
    Perhaps you could go to CAB for help with filling out the form. I believe several people on this forum have done.
    Good luck,
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    The only advice I can give is fill the form out as if it's your worse day ever, I wouldn't mention your dog unless it was an assistance dog and as you say he isn't then don't mention him. Some people use Citizen's Advice Bureau as they can assist you with filling the form out. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks guys. Such a tough one :(
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    Like the others have said, fill it out honest but as you are on your worst day. They know that the condition varies from day to day and saying it as it is on your worst day is the only way they can truly get the full picture.

    Take your time with the forms, I usually photocopy them and fill one out and then go back over it once I have finished, make some amendments and then begin to fill in the official form.