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so I was recently told I have arthritis I wasn't told a specific one I had..when I was diagnosed I was then in college studying Beauty therapy..I was nearly going to quit because it was just so hard..I got flares up in college and I couldnt cope..but with the help of my friends and tutor I passed my course and then I was told I have lupus arthritis but also another one with it..I wasn't actually told which other one as there still trying to find now I have got a place onto a nail course but I keep doubting myself whether I can do it..I know that this is just the start for my illness but then I keep thinking if I can complete one qualification and that was when I was just diagnosed then doing another qualification is just easy..but I keep thinking that this is just the start to my illness and it will just only get harder for me..but I dont want my illness getting in way of my future..but doing nails is the best thing that I can ever do


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    Hi Zulaikha

    Thank you for your posting. Firstly I think you’ve done brilliantly well done!!

    It sounds as if you’re feeling uncertain about whether or not you will be up to doing the nail course. It’s important that you access the support as you’ve done previously.

    You say you have Lupus and are waiting on a diagnosis for another type and you ‘don’t want the illness to get in the way of your future.’
    It sounds like a bit of a worrying time for you and I wonder if you’re seeing a rheumatologist and if you are maybe you could speak to him or her, or a rheumatology nurse about your concerns.

    Below is a link to Arthritis Research UK information on Lupus that may be of interest:

    Please give us a ring as sometimes it can be helpful to talk things through. Freephone Helplines: 0808 800 4050 (10-4 Monday- Friday) we can talk informally and in confidence, offering a non-judgemental and listening ear.

    You might like to post on our ‘living with arthritis’ forum: here people will share their experiences and it’s also a great way of getting support.

    It sounds as if you are very determined and I wish you lots of luck if you decide to do the nail course.

    Best wishes
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    aw thank you it was a big achievement for me to finish the course

    its hard to decide what to do because I dont know what the future holds for me

    And I sure will ring, I think all I need now is a bit of adivce positive and negative

    thanks a lot