new here and starting medication.

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Hello, I'm new to the forums.
I have psoriatic arthritis, had it for 8 years now with only a cpl of steriod injections a year if I had a flare up.
Unfortunately it has got worse and progressed so my rheumy has decided to try me on methotrexate.
I start this today and am quite nervous....has anyone here got any advice or opinions on it?
Are the side effects bad? I'm also really worried its going to make me worse before getting better :-(
Many thanks in advance.


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    I have been on Meth off and on for the past 5 years.
    It is a great drug and works really well for me.

    Some tip's for you that you might find helpful.

    Take your meds at night (after tea).
    Don't panic if you start to feel sick or yucky, this will die down after a few weeks. I usually have mints or diet coke on standby if I start to feel yucky.
    Don't drink orange juice!

    It will take a few weeks for the drugs to get into your system, so don't panic if you don't notice a difference straight away.

    Start to keep a medical diary, so that you can keep track of how you are feeling each week.

    Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.
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    Hello ftimblin
    And a warm welcome to the forum, sorry I cant help with your meds, but I know there are quite a few people on here that are on Meths, I see that Debra has given you some good advice...and hopefully more people will be on later ..I just want to wish you well with it..
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    Welcome to the forum
    Sorry I cant help you with the drugs but are are quite a few on here that are on that.
    I've go OA
    Hope you enjoy the forums
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    Hi there,
    Sorry you've had to find us. Some people find meth side effects really bad. I've always been quite lucky and although the list of side effects is daunting I've not suffered too badly and generally found meth really worked for me. If you experience bad stomach side effects the injection is often a way of solving this, if you experience other side effects like mouth ulcers it's often a case of titrating your folic acid til it calms things. Make sure you keep up to date with blood tests, they help monitor other side effects so you'll know if anything is happening and your Rheumy team will sort you out. Hope that helps with the nerves.
    Hey little fighter, things will get brighter
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    I have PsA and have taken MTX for nearly 2 years. Nausea is my only side-effect, but it can be quite intense. Also, prepare to be quite a bit more fatigued the day after you take it. Take your folic acid as directed and getting pharmaceutical grade FA is best. Waiting some months for MTX to work is difficult. The nausea for me did improve with time.

    Overall, I feel I have benefitted from the drug, although I have not had my disease fully controlled by it.

    Best wishes.
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    I started MTX in January and have minimal side effects - some hair loss (now taking Folic Acid every day except the MTX day) a feeling of nausea a couple of times in the early days but the only side effect that bothers me is tiredness. But tiredness comes with the disease and so is a combination MTX and RA.
    I always take it last thing at night with a couple of plain biscuits and always get a great nights sleep but I never do much the following day because of the tiredness.
    You have lots of good advice from others and good wishes,
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    Hi I'm a newbie aswell having only just had my diagnose for Psoriatic Arthritis, I'm only 57, although i've suffered for years. I have been asked to take Mthx but am so unsure as to the side affects as I have 2 horses to look after, I cannot take a day off!! So I will interested in the replies you get.
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    I have PsA and take a triple therapy, including injected meth. I have very little trouble with side-effects (which goes hand-in-hand with very little benefit too). Just because side-effects are listed does not mean that they will appear but I have noted that when I have to stop the drugs, due to an infection, I feel better in myself despite being 'properly' ill. :)

    From what you have said it sounds as though you may respond well to the meth - I have a friend who's controlled by just four sulph tablets per day but still flaming moans about it! :lol: Give the meth a whirl, you have nothing to lose and maybe much to gain but you won't know until you try. DD
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