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Hi everyone thought I would let you know how things are for me now .. the problems I had have abated some what, after a second visit to the hospital I actually saw the surgeon this time who operated on me, he was nice and not only listened to what I said but also informed me that I'd had a small hair line crack because I have small bones (Im 4 ft 9 ish) and I have a slight difference in leg length nothing to worry about, I had already noticed this, getting the dvt was just unlucky . I am still taking the blood thinner tablets until September and am now on blood pressure tablets, still have a few pain killers when I need them, I have had the misfortune of getting a few varicous veins because of the clot, so the support stockings are still being worn not the "dreaded teds." I can get around now and do a lot more , still use my walking stick, that awful grinding pain has gone and have been told the replacement joint should last..the swelling is slight now and the real pleasure of curling up in bed is great, feeling so much better :D


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    I was so worried when we didn't hear from you, I felt for you because my THR went well and I don't know what I would have done had this happened to me, its no wounder you was depressed.. :roll:
    So pleased to hear things have moved on for you, the DVT must have been scary..but you do sound so much more positive.. :D there is no rush with the sticks , so just take it at your own pace...((())) xx
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    Well, all is sounding OK, yes? I am so pleased that you are feeling better in yourself, that is a good thing because it helps us in so many ways. DD
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    That's all sounding much better and I'm very pleased for you :D
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