Is this RA in the fingers?

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Hello everyone.

My brother has developed a problem with all his fingers and his GP cannot give him an explanation as all blood tests have come back negative. All his fingers from the palm to the first joint have become swollen and painful with the rest of each finger being normal. Saying that, a few years ago he did develop a tingling sensation in each finger tip but that has now gone away. I know we are not doctors, but I was just wondering if this is RA? Being an OA sufferer, I can't give him any advice on how to alleviate the pain or swelling. I've told him to go back to his GP, as he can't just be left without any treatment or explanation.



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    There are forms of auto-immune arthritis which are sero-negative, i.e. rheumatoid factor is not present in bloods. I have one like this, psoriatic arthritis, which commonly begins in the small joints of the body such as fingers and toes. Of course I am not saying this is what he has but it may be sensible to ask for a referral to a rheumatologist who should be better informed than a GP. DD
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    it could be anything causing this , with RA you would expect some heat in the joints but not always , although most RA sufferers have positive RF it dont rule out RA

    but it may not be any of the auto-immune arthritis & a infection could cause the same thing like in cellulitis or gout but with both would expect the hand to be swollen as well , if he still having problems go back & see a different GP