Total ankle replacement

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Had my ankle done last Monday morning it took three hours went well had to stay in for six days came home Saturday. My wife is looking after me like a king. Go back on 24th for pot to be taken off. I should go in to an air boot six weeks non weigh bearing. Will let you know how I get on had a fusion done 2012 so now I have the full set. :D


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    Glad the op went well smig, hopefully no more pain in that area in the future, please let us know how you get on...................Marie x
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    I'm pleased that it went well for you, now you have to do the boring and long bit: recovery and recuperation. I hope your wife doesn't get too bored with looking after you, the novelty of these things can soon wear off. :wink: DD
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    Hi Smig
    Glad all went ok,it's such a relief when op is over.Hope all continues well,keep us posted.
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    Well done, Smig :D And Mrs Smig :D:D Stage one complete. I hope the rest goes as well.
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