Trials for me of watching the men's tennis final

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I love Wimbledon and spend a lot of time following Wimbledon every year.

So there I am on the couch with legs elevated. A really great match between two of the best. As the climax was nearing it seemed a small boy was kicking a ball against a wall. I tried to ignore it but it was really irritating and I went to the window to see who was the guilty party and to tell him to play in his own garden. I looked up and down the road there was not a soul in sight. Returned to the couch with the tap tap tapping continuing. It wasn't continuous so I looked again, all this as Federer was looking as though he might win, really cross now and as I turned away from the window and walked back passing nearer to the TV and it suddenly dawned on me that it was the players bouncing the ball when serving!

I have 2 hearing aids and when I answer the 'phone I have to remove one otherwise I can't hear the caller. I had forgotten to replace it so the sound was directed to my left ear - towards the open window.

It really made me laugh at myself hope someone finds it amusing


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    :shock: :lol::lol::lol: Mig
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    :lol: Oh dear! But at least you can laugh at yourself, fortuna. That's a massive gift :D
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    Oh Fortuna, these things are so easily done, aren't they? At least you solved the problem and the ability to giggle at oneself is a rare but valuable gift. I loved the final but was disappointed the elegant Federer lost to scrubbing-brush-haired Djokovich. DD
  • fortuna
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    DD so was I really wanted Federa to win. Pleased it made you smile.
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    Oh Fortuna that did make me chuckle!! :lol:

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