Oh what a beautiful day !!!

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We are having some very nice dry hot weather in London. How is the weather where you are. ? :D


  • barbara12
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    Carol its very hot in the North West...sat here with home made lemonade and a straw hat on...in the garden of course :lol:
  • Kitty
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    Too hot here on the Notts/Derby border, and set to get hotter. :shock:
  • stickywicket
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    Wilting in Yorks :wink:
  • Slosh
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    Agree it's very hot in London. Getting a bit much for me and I'm so pleased my new car has air con. Even my husband who is originally from Pakistan is complaining about the heat!
  • dreamdaisy
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    I can see its beauty, and understand its attraction for others, but for me it's hell on earth. Never mind, it won't last. :D Sleepless-and-soggy in Suffolk
  • mig
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    Grumpy and sweaty in notts. Mig
  • tkachev
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    Very Hot here in West London, even at night. Lovely storm in the early hours.

  • villier
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    Cool as a cucumber in Loch Lomond, but that's just me x
  • GraceB
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    Very humid and muggy here in East Kent. Too hot for me but I know some love it. For those of you that do - enjoy it whilst it lasts. For those who like me, wilt in the heat/humidity, let's hope we get back to a sensible and dry situation soon.


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