Likelihood of 2nd child with jia?

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Hi, my eldest (now14) was diagnosed with jia at 6. We had a really rough ride to get diagnosis and get on top of it. She had been to a soft play centre and came home with ankle swelling which we put down to an injury, within a week she was unable to walk, turn over in bed and go to school. Eventually got it managed and following a number of years on mtx and anti inflams she is now in remission.

She also had hairloss from birth which always happened after a flare up and fevers, one of her jia side effects.

She has a sister who is now 7. This daughter has complained on and off about joint pain over the years mainly about joints not affected in her older sister so unlikely to be copying. She also has the hair loss incidents following fevers. We had her investigated by the rheum consultants at the children's hospital and at the time there was no evidence there might be a link.

4 weeks ago my youngest had a fever but carried on doing everything over the weekend including going on a trampoline. She came off the trampoline complaining of ankle pain. This has not settled and is still swollen. We have been to the gp ands have had X-ray to rule out fracture etc.

The girls also have a brother in between them. No hair issues and no joint problems.

I am really finding this a challenge. I have always had a mums feeling something wasn't quite right. I work in the nhs and have a background in musculoskeletal treatment (which is probably a bad thing!). It may just be a complete coincidence, I hope it is. We had such a nightmare few years and it was horrible seeing my eldest going through it I'm not sure I can do it again. I know I will, and it may not be the case, but I'm finding it tough.

Has anyone got any info on the likelihood of 2 siblings having this? Drs say very very unlikely.

Thanks for reading my essay!


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    Oh dear, what a story and how difficult for you, I am sorry. I am not sure why the docs think that to have two affected children is unlikely: if one can be why not another? Auto-immune conditions run in families, parents can have more than one autistic child so why not more than one arthritis-affected? At least you have been on the alert for signs and will hopefully be nipping this in the bud as soon as possible. Is there a chance that your first daughter's rheumatologist would be willing to look at her sister? DD
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    It must be so difficult for you. When I had my sons I had no idea that genetics played a part in my RA. Thankfully, in their 40s, both are very non-arthritic but I sometimes look at my grandson and wonder....and hope.

    I think the chances of two siblings both getting JIA is very slight. (Try this link though I don't normally advocate googling. ) However, would I be reassured by that if it were my own children? Definitely not.

    What's the situation with the GP? Is he suggesting re-referring her to the rheumatologist?
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    How devastating this must be for you. I am sorry. While the chances of having two children affected must be slim, there's still a possibility.

    I don't have children but I can just imagine how you must be feeling. My brother and I are both affected by a unusual hereditary neuropathy. In addition, I have psoriatic disease, while he does not). The chances were remote that we'd both have it but here we are.....Fortunately, it didn't show up with obvious symptoms until we were older so our parents were spared the tremendous trauma there must be in seeing one's child affected with a chronic condition.

    I really hope your girl turns out to have something benign but it's good you are preparing yourself for the possibility that she has arthritis too. Since it will be early days for her receiving treatment, if she does have JIA, the chances of a remission are much higher for her. Hope you get answers soon. Fingers crossed she doesn't have JIA.