I hate flying, but it's a necessary evil!

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Hi all

I've been back in the country now for two weeks, after a much needed trip home to Oz.

I love being there for a holiday and showing my wife around my homeland, BUT I really could do without the flights ... even on full service long haul airlines (not just the cramped low budget ones), where there's that bit extra leg room.

My OA survived the trip over without too many issues, I was sore and stiff, but no more than I expected. This, by way, was my first flight since my OA made itself painfully known (obviously it had been developing for years beforehand ... lol) and my first long haul flight for four years. When we arrived I went for a much needed three mile walk (I'm still very mobile and quite fit, even if overweight) with my younger brother to stretch my legs and muscles, giving my OH first shot at freshening up.

I day or so later I developed a cold, which didn't stop me and even though it was winter down under I wasn't in any really noticeable pain :-D. In fact, over the four weeks we were away I only had a few real niggles and the usual amount of stiffness ... being on holiday probably helped! Plus I was careful not to overdo things I knew could cause me problems!

The flight back, however, was tougher! Even though I kept taking my paindullers at regular intervals, just as I had going, I was a LOT sorer and stiffer ... an hour and a half wondering around Dubai airport didn't even loosen things up. By the time we arrived home (a Saturday evening) my left knee was very painful and swollen!

I returned back to work on the Monday with my knee still in the same state and my lower leg seemingly swollen as well. About half way through my shift the first aider insisted I see my doctor about my leg, so off I went for an emergency appointment after which I was sent by the doctor to be seen by a specialist at the local hospital (the doc was worried by possible DVT) to be tested.

After four viles of blood and an hour or so wait for the results I was given the all clear -- the blood count they checked need to be around 230 for them to worry and I scored a low 34, which totally excluded me from the any threat of DVT ... the specialists thought was that the swelling was eminating from my knee.

In the two weeks since, I have been struggling with my left knee almost constantly. I was prescribed Diclofenic before the trip (I was having problems with that knee before we left, but not unmanageably so), but only started taking them two weeks ago (I was concerned about possible side effects after a bad experience with Naproxen) and they are starting to help. Added to which I've almost had a permanent limp, especially for the first dozen strides or so since returning. At it's worst I've even considering getting a walking stick to assist, I don't think it was quite at that level, but it sure felt close.

But the holiday was GREAT!!! And included ten days around Australia's Red Centre -- Alice Springs, Ayers Rock, etc -- but I'll be quite happy not to board another plane for quite some time ... lol!

Take care


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    Hello and welcome back, scozzie. I'm so glad you had a good time. Sorry about the trip home and consequences but at least it was coming back and didn't get to spoil what sounds to have been a great holiday.

    About your knee and leg. I'm just wondering about a Bakers Cyst. It's a build up of fluid behind the knee, often cause by arthritis but not necessarily. Having your knee bent for a long time in the aircraft could have set one off. Mr SW got one, probably as a result of driving up to Scotland at Christmas. His entire lower leg was as tight as a drum with swelling. Like you, they thought DVT but it turned out to be just a Bakers Cyst, thankfully. He took anti-inflamms. for it.

    Ah well, back to the grindstone now?
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    mmmm ... a Baker's Cyst, swelling behind the knee ... mmmm, thanks Sticky

    It does, at times feel like there's swelling behind the knee, also I've noticed that even though my left leg is slightly shorter than my right one it doesn't feel like that – my right leg feels like the shorter one and I seem to rock as I'm walking.

    mmmm ... food for thought