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Hi everyone, just found this site and thought it might be very helpful to me over the next few months.
I am 54 and I have osteoarthritis in both knees.
I am due to have a knee replacement on my right knee next month. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago , and have struggled over the last few years with constant pain and not being able to do lots of things.
I was due to have my op earlier this month but unfortunately it got cancelled due to an emergency:-(
Would be lovely to hear from anyone who has had this op?


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    Hello pollydolly
    There are many on here that have had new knees..and are very pleased with them, I had a new hip a year ago now..so cant really help on the knee apart form the people that were in hospital having knees at the same time did really well..it is a scary thing but worth going through.. :)
    Any questions put in living with arthritis and I am sure you will get some answers.. :)
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    Hello, I haven't had knees yet, I had to wait for three years until I became 55, I've now reached that milestone but, thanks to the delay, my ankles and hips have joined in so I don't think it's worth it now.

    I hope your leg muscles are reasonably strong because that can help speed one's recovery. It is a big operation and it will take some time to fully recover - don't expect to be back to 'normal' within a few weeks because that is unlikely. If you take care of your new joint it should last you for a good few years - one lady on here has one which is thirty-years plus and still going strong but she has taken care of it.

    Please post again on the Living with Arthritis board on here, we currently don't have knee recovery going on but hopefully those who have had one or two done will see your post and reply. I wish you well and please keep in touch. DD
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