Don't know what to do.

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I work for the nhs and have been off sick for the past 6weeks. This is my latest sickness but have been off several other times this year. I have already had a meeting with Hr and my ward manager which was fine but I know it will only get worse the longer I am off. I don't know what to do, I don't think I am capable of going back to work now or in the near future I have talked to my doctor about the situation but she is not a great deal of help. I retire in March 2015 which is not a long time but what to do till then. I could push my self to go back to work and end up making my health even worse. Mm


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    Hello cornish and welcome to these forums. I'm afraid I'm of no use to you as I've been unable to work for years but maybe our helpline people could point you in the right direction. You can either leave a thread on their forum, email or telephone. The number's at the top of the page. Good luck :)
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    Well it took my lot 4 years of chasing me around the place to get me out the door mind you they used a shed load of pressure with a hope I jump so you should be retired long before they can get you out, the thing is they will have to follow a set order of disciplinary, the normal process is stage 1 informal disciplinary, they then have to go down the line of stage 2-3-4 formal disciplinary, then once that is done they can fire you, the key word to listen out for is CAPABILITY, this is the one thing they can use once stage 4 has been reached, its a catch all designed to give HR the ability to deal with malingerers late arrivers drunks etc but sadly they can use it on the sick as well, the way the law stands if you take a lot of sick and can't do the job you were recruited for then you've broken your contract due to being ill, takes the rise I know but there you go.
    Now it all depends if your in the disciplinary system or not, each stage takes a few months to pass through onto the next, they can't rush it to much as it means they could be caused of railroading you, that said I would take notes and record as much as you can with regards to e mails conversations with HR and your line managers, also DONT trust anyone not even those you think of as friends, keep your cards tight to your chest say as little as you can, smile and be proactive by keeping them informed but be guarded with what you tell them, in my case I planned for the worst case scenario i.e an industrial tribunal thats why I started to record everything as soon as I was hauled in for a stage one disciplinary, it was obvious to me it was going to go to rat poo from there on in and it did but I got there, the records you keep will support you if heaven forbid you ended up there, chances are you won't but get your mind adjusted to the idea just in case, always plan. Oh and whatever you do DONT leave, stay and hold in there you'll make it leaving is what they want you to do so don't. Be strong and keep going as you are.
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    Thanks for your reply. It is a mine field, having to be careful what you say and recording everything they say. I went to see the occupation health on Monday as my Ward manager had requested. He has written a letter to my ward manager more or less saying that I will not be able to return to my normal job. He read the letter out to me at the end of the meeting so at least I know what he though. I have been for my meeting with h/r that is my third one. Everything at present depends on what the specialist on Friday says. I am very worried about the meeting and what the outcome will be.
    People think because you work for the NHS that they will understand in stead they make you feel like a criminal for having time off, after all it is working for them that has not helped my condition. Your reply has given me a lot to think about and has made me realise what I am up against.

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