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I have bone-on-bone arthritis in my left hip and will need a total hip replacement. I like to cycle and do yoga. If there is anyone that has had the operation and continues (after rehab.) to do these activities I would love to hear from you. Has it made yoga or cycling better or worse and
has anyone had hip dislocation after surgery?



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    Hello annek and welcome to the forum. I think your best bet is to put these as separate topics on the Living With Arthritis forum – ie yoga and cycling as one topic and the dislocation as another.

    I have two THRs but my RA in virtually every other joint means these were never problems for me :wink: I'd guess that cycling will be fine as long as you don't try to do too much too soon. (See here ) Yoga, I think you have to be more careful about and some positions will probably be out while others will be good. Your best bet would be to ask your physio post-op, make sure you have a well-qualified tutor and also make sure the tutor is fully aware of your medical history. Then just go for it :D

    If your muscles are strong pre-op then that will stand you in good stead post-op. We have had one or two dislocations on here but I'm glad to say neither of my THRs were involved :lol:
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    Thanks for the information.