Surgery for Hallux Rigidus

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My podiatrist has told me that I should see my GP about surgery for my big toes. I have OA and the pain in them has slowly become worse and worse. He says that I now have hallux rigidus

Has anyone here had this surgery? Will they do both toes at the same time? My podiatrist has told me that I'll be off work for about 3 months so if Iget one done at a time, that'll be 6 months altogether :shock: How long will it be before I'm mobile following the surgery? In fact any info about this surgery would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance :)


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    Hello, I cannot help directly but I do know that the recovery from any form of foot surgery can take some time. A friend of mine had something done to her left ankle and she could not weight-bear for three months. Surgery on the big toe does compromise walking for some time - you are going to need the time off but how much is a question that cannot be answered: people recover from surgery at different rates. If you put the term hallux rigidus in the search engine on here any relevant threads should pop up. I wish you well. DD
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    I've not got any experience of this op but,if you put 'hallux rigidus' in the search option near the top of the page, several former threads come up. NB not the main search engine: the smaller button on the line below next to FAQ.
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    Thanks for that. I had been doing searches but used the big search button in the red bit at the top. I found a very useful thread but would still be grateful to hear of anyone else's experiences. :):)
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    Hi Mally. I can't help as I've no experience with this but just wanted to wish you good luck. Hope you will keep us up to date with everything.
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