feeling so down

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I am going through a down stage with my oa/fermol nerve in my knee. It is getting me down because it always sore and swellon. My doc said just stay on the tablets. I have not been to my club Jitsue now for a while and wondering what the point is now. The walking about and other exerise is good. As you all know i dont do much then anyway.
Good news that my daughter got engaged but it has not helped.
I am feeling very low and i know i have the family behind me but feel so alone. :(:(:(:(
I am walking with a stick now which helps, but feel that its oa won the battle and i lost. Thought i could fight this but not now.
Soooo down. My fight has gone (sounds silly as am a black belt in ju jitsue) I thought i could. :(
Sorry for moaning again just no way else to go.
Feel as if no one cares/ or wants to care, they are all in their own world of themselves.
Its seems that its not just the oa just eveything at home, atmosphere, atttitudes, cheeky, etc :(
Just want to say thank you for being there.