BMS anyone?

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I know I've been on lately moaning about toothache. But my neurologist doesn't think it's toothache but more neurological pain!

The problem is at the moment that I can't eat or drink anything other than water and mash potato. If I put any seasoning onto the food then I cannot eat it, it becomes very painful. The tip of my tongue continuously tingles and feels swollen, it just pains continuously.

Has anyone heard of Burning Mouth Syndrome? If so does it usually occur with arthritis, spondylitis and Fibro? Is it something I've just got to live with and wait for it to go away?



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    I've got to admit I haven't heard of it before... sounds awful :shock:

    hope it settles very soon...
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    You've got my sympathies, Lubs, it's awful. I had it a few months ago. To be honest, I don't know if it was down to my acid reflux, or because I had stopped taking Lansoprazole. You can get rebound symptoms if you suddenly stop taking it and for a while the acid reflux symptoms get worse. You're supposed to come off it gradually, but I didn't know this and my doctor didn't tell me. Prior to this I had been taking 30mg a day for five months. However, the good news is that over a few weeks, things gradually improved. I drank a lot of cold water and this helped somewhat. I also chewed gum - which I still do, as it helps with the reflux - and this helped, too. I do hope it improves for you. Maybe your GP would be able to help if it continues? I take a low dose of Amitriptyline for neuropathic pain elsewhere (don't ask!) and this has worked well for me. Take care.
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    Try Listerene it may help temporarily......................Marie x