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I have had fibromyalgia for about 12 years or so now and was diagnosed with OA in my knees, right hip and lower back a couple of years ago. It is hard to tell though whether the pain is due to one or the other or even both! I really want some advice if possible about my knee. It doesn't hurt to touch or bend but when I stand up the pain is horrible and I stagger about for a couple of minutes then it gradually eases. The pain is at the back of the knee and it feels like it won't take my weight. I have to take one step at a time on stairs and slopes are a nightmare. I'm also having pain in my ankle and the top of the foot, it's okay walking the pain is worse when resting especially at night and often causes me not to be able to sleep. Sorry for droning on, but I can't face going to my gp ....again as she puts everything down to my fibromyalgia.


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    The GP really is the only one who can help you to discover whether this is fibro or OA. I can't help wondering why it matters to you as you know you have both and neither can be cured. I've not got fibro but have two TKRs. I've often done the staggering thing with my ancient knees but, though I found things did get easier as I got into walking, they were. still painful and the pain wasn't just at the back - in fact, hardly there at all. If the back of the knee is painful and very swollen you could have a Bakers Cyst but, if you're already on anti-inflamms, that's the usual treatment for them. Maybe your Doc's right and it is the fibro. I guess other fibro sufferers might be able to tell you.
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    I see SW has already mentioned the bakers cyst..this starts at the back of the knee, my OH had one a few years ago now and was in agony, but yes go back to see your GP its not easy I know but that is what they are paid for..let us know how you get on..