Is this just me or does Arthur ease in hot weather...

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I have always found that when the weather is hot that my arthritis eases off and isn't as bad. When it is colder however I suffer really bad just wondered if anyone else has found this or is it just me.

Hope everyone is feeling as well as can be.


  • JulieLouise
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    Yes! Mine improves quite a bit in warm weather and I really struggle when it's cold and/or wet. My mother feels the same with her arthritis. Not sure why this is the case but would explain one reason why people move to warmer climates!
  • stickywicket
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    I think people with just OA tend to find the heat beneficial. I've always hated it. My RA used to flare and, although it doesn't now, my energy-levels are sapped in the humid heat.

    I once ran a poll on here about whether people found hot r cold weather better for their arthritis. On the whole OAers liked the heat. Auto-immuners were divided. Those of us with both kinds of arthritis weren't too happy whatever the weather :lol:
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    In hot weather Arthur used to ease himself into a deckchair, in the shade and with a good book because he was my father.

    No, it isn't just you, it's a common observation amongst those with OA. My OA has subsided in the heat but only to make way for my PsA, a different kind of pain and feeling but pain nonetheless. Enjoy it whilst it lasts. DD
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    I have OA and I really suffer in the heat..and always have done...everything is painful at the min...I think spring is my favorite time not to warm or cold...glad yours has eased Justine..long may it continue for you.. :)
  • justinbarrow
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    Least its not just me - Funny thing also I hate hot weather and prefer cooler weather, but will see how things go.
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    Although I love it hot and to a degree cold as well, I've noticed my RA tends to play up just before the weather changes, primarily Autumn to Winter and Winter to Spring. Once the weather is sort of settled for whatever it's going to be, the RA settles down.Don't know if it's something to do with the air pressure.