PIP forms how long do they take to arrive?

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I'm not sure if this is par for the course. I phoned on 9th July to start the process and was told the forms could take two weeks to arrive and not to phone until after that. On Monday 28th I phoned and was told my forms had gone to the computer to be printed on 17th July but that it could take another 10 days from then for them to be sent out but that based on this I should receive them in a couple of days. I queried when the 20 working days period started from and was told it started from the date they were printed, so in my case from the 17th. It's now the 31st and they have still not arrived. Is this normal or should I phone again tomorrow if they don't arrive.


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    I requested PIP forms around the 1st of July, they only arrived this week. The most frustrating part was I only have until next Wednesday to complete them or they will freeze my DLA. My advice would be to prepare for the forms now because they don't give you much time to fill them out it seems any more.
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    How longs a piece of string!! When I requested mine it took 6 weeks for them to come! It all depends on how busy they are. It's not worth phoning yet because all they will do is these a delay or they are on the way. Give it another couple of weeks in case they are in the post if they don't turn up then call them in case they got lost. But all they will do is fob you off and say they will send them again so you have to wait all over again. PIP should stand for Pretty Incredibly Pathetic!! :roll:
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    Forms arrived today and have to be returned by 17th August. So all I have to do now is fill them in and then wait to be turned down!
    Luckily I have a friend who has experience of these things who is going to help me.