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^^ check that out.

So it's basically this really awesome thing where people from all over Scotland who are under 25 get together and do cool stuff.

I think the whole thing about having arthritis young is like ''im not and old lady or old man'' and most of the arthritis stuff is to cater to them and their wills :P lol jk. But seriously like there are loaaadddsss of people who have arthritis in Scotland who are under 25 and everyone is so nice and welcoming.

If you are thinking ''hmm this could be fun but'', just get in touch and you wont regret it. They pay for everything so you don't pay for anything!!! We stay in nice hotels with accessible rooms and always have fun games and share our experiences.

Just being in the company of young people who actually understand what you are going through makes all the difference.

...get involved... doo itttttttt!!! :D
If you have any other questions just PM me and ill help you a best I can