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Hi i recently got diagnosed as having ostioarthritis in my knee and am looking for suitable exercises to do. I'm 35 and carry a few extra pounds and used to run so now looking for an alternative any ideas please?


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    Hello Gareth
    Could you not get referred to a physio, that would be the safest thing to do..then after a few weeks they leave you to do them at home..there are many exercises on the net but you should be careful with them.
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    How about swimming? Not breast stroke - very bad for knees and backs, but crawl either front or back?
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    Hi Gareth

    I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis of OA in the knee. You have my sympathies. I have had a TKR x 2 and what a difference that has made to my quality of life.

    Have you considered cycling. It is non-weight bearing so much kinder n the knees. I was fine on the bike before the ops, it was getting on and off the bike that caused a bit of a problem. ;) Depending on how far you push yourself on a bike you could easily lose a few excess pounds and do a real workout.

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    Hiya Gareth,

    I too would suggest cycling. I cycle now rather than run, and I have managed to maintain the strength in my muscles, tendons and ligaments, while reducing the impact on the joint.

    I was also carrying some extra poundage, and have found that losing it is beneficial in so many ways, but in this instance, reduces the stress placed on the joints while carrying out normal daily activities.

    Maybe try stretching to improve suppleness.


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    Hi Gareth. If you want 'exercises' rather than 'exercise' this might help http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/LivingwithArthritis/Self-management/exercise-and-arthritis
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    That's great thank you all for your advice :D
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    Exercises can be practised at any stage of OA, although intensity has to be adjusted to individual capability. Few stretching and strengthening exercises like a straight leg raise, quadriceps setting and calf stretching might help. Swimming and aqua jogging provide muscles workout without joint loading so further pain and weight-related joint destruction is avoided.

    However, I would also recommend to confirm these exercises with Physio first.