Pain when exercising

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Well, pain most of the time really :? but I'm having an exacerbation of pain when exercising.

I've been exercising regularly at the gym for about 4 months now. Some of this time was at the hospital gym with a specialist rheum physio. I've since been discharged.

The last few weeks have been really tough. I have a fairly high pain threshold but my feet and ankles just aren't coping with the gym and are struggling on my longer dog walks, despite me easing off the intensity and amount of exercise. To complicate matters, my sacroiliac joint pain is eased upon exercise, so it's delicate balancing act.

As great as they are, the only real suggestions I'm getting from the rheum team is to listen to my body. But what about when you have no idea what your body is saying?!


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    Sorry to hear this. Just wanted to say have you factored in the fact that you have just started working and that will be taking its toll on you. I know when I first went back to work just on shortened hours after my op it really knocked me sideways. Hope you can get some advice from others, I'm sure you will but I've never done the gym thing so can't advise on that.
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    I know you're an old hand at all this, Sophie, but Slosh has a point. Are you really factoring in all the extra strain – and exercise of a kind – that your body's going through just by virtue of doing your job? The first few weeks have to be stressful, even if all is going well and you're enjoying it, and we all know what stress does :roll:

    I think one does develop a kind of instinct about what's OK and what isn't OK with exercising pain. You clearly feel these levels aren't quite right. Is there someone at the gym who can advise on how to do stuff for the sacroiliacs while easing up on the feet and ankles?
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    I think your body is saying the following:

    'Hang on a moment there, young Sophie, you've started a new job (which is demanding on me), you are still going to the gym (which is also demanding on me) and still walking the dog (ditto). Obviously you can't give up the job but you could reduce the gym (or perhaps just walk the dog) until I have adjusted to the new demands you are making upon me. I know I'm not the best body you could have but I'm the only one you possess. Give me chance, please'

    Ease yourself into the new life you have begun, Sophie, don't hurtle, OK? :wink: DD x
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    Sorry you're in so much pain Sophie!
    I do agree with the others, you need to ease off for a while :(
    Take care
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    Yes, I think signs are pointing towards slowing down. :( Having had a relaxing weekend with no exercise, I do think I'm being tough on my body. I was experiencing pain before I started my job but I wonder if it was a psychological warning sign.

    The thing that is making me think I should push through is that my spine really needs me to keep moving to manage that pain. Those things below my knees are the bane of my life. :lol: Swimming is an option. I'm not a big fan because it's a faff and I find it a little dull. Getting in and out of clothes in a changing room is quite an experience but maybe it could be a weekend thing?

    I'm a little on the poorly side right now anyway, so this week, I'll be focusing on working during the day and resting during the evenings.

    <Must keep going whatever way I can but must not run myself into the ground either!>
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    Hi Starburst

    I totally sympathise with you, in May I was exercising very well prior to a trip home to Oz, where I still exercised but at a lower intensity. The flight back to the UK in July was murder on my left knee, in particular, and any exercise was painfully difficult and had me wondering about my "former" fitness -- after a review of my medication resulting in the prescription of a anti-inflam gel rather tablets two weeks ago I've suddenly discovered May's fitness. Why the sudden change in just two weeks? Don't ask me, if I knew I'd organ to be a national
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    Hi Sophie
    I think the others have got it right

    You are over doing it.....I think you realise that now :wink:
    Give it a rest for a while then restart but not as intensively as before and see what happens
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    just listen to your body and dont over do it thats what i have been told.
    I have not stop ju jituse for i hope not for good but at the moment.
    Just go at our own pace.