Swollen Ear Pinna

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I know that this isn't a medical diagnosis forum but I am interested to find out if any of you have had a swollen ear pinna / top part of ear? In my case the inside of my ear is not swollen in anyway, just the outside cartilage area.

Two weeks ago my ear swelled up dramatically over the course of an hour. It was very sore and I took anti inflammatories. Saw GP four days later and he thought it was infected but felt it strange as I had just finished a third course of antibiotics for a tooth infection and also had no bite or wound to trigger an infection. Given topical steroid and antibiotic.

Swelling died down leaving a large broken blood vessel and red patch on my ear which is still there. On Thursday very severe shooting pains started on the outside of my ear, again not in the ear. It was incredibly painful so saw GP on Friday (different one this time). He went down the route of a virus as he thinks the pain is nerve pain. Not shingles but something else but he really isn't sure what it is -'it will show itself for what it is in time'.

Has anyone had shooting pains with ear pinna inflammation? Maybe it is a virus but my goodness it is strange.

Thanks so much for your help.


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    I've sometimes had knobbly bits on the outside of the ear which hurt when lying on a pillow at night but not otherwise and there was certainly no shooting pains. I just assumed it was RA nodules as anywhere else. They disappeared eventually.
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