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Hiya everyone.

Firstly just want to say I am not a Mom to a child with Arthritis. I am however a young Mom who myself has Arthritis. I came along this website and got looking through the forums. I will post a brief outline of my story below and if I can help or advise anyone I would be more than happy to.

I'm now 31 years old with a very active 8 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. I was diagnosed with Arthritis in every joint at just 2 years old. I had been poorly for a while before that and was in hospital for a long time previous to the diagnosis. I live in the Midlands and was in hospital local to my home, thankfully. After diagnosis my care was transferred to a hospital in London, Harrow I believe and they cared for me for around 2 years. My Arthritis gradually became worse therefore me requiring more and more hospital visits. As London isn't exactly easy to get to from here my care was transferred to Birmingham Children's Hospital. I have the best team of specialists here and can even now remember their voices and faces, they really were amazing, not just to me but to my family. Over the years that followed I must have gone through every drug available, some suiting me, some not. I also have to spend time in the hospital have operations to drain my joints and inject steroid back into them. I remember having to sleep in full leg and arm splints every night to keep my joints straight. School was fun, although somewhat different. I did attend a normal mainstream school, and they were lovely. They had adaptations put in place for me and employed someone to look after me. Childhood was 'Painful" very painful at times.

Up to date, I am now 31 years old and I'm a Mommy. My Arthritis was amazing during pregnancy although it came back very badly soon after giving birth...not something you need with a demanding newborn.

I found out at around 18 that I needed a full hip replacement, as I was so young...still am I guess, I chose not to have the operation so soon and to solider on. All these years later I am now needing both my hips fully replaced and also both shoulders. I am 'thinking' about having them done in the near future. Now my children are a little older and they understand.

I'm currently taking Methotrexate, Prednisolone and Folic Acid to try and control the symptoms.

As I said, I'm not a Mom to a child with Arthritis. I am the child. If anyone want a chat or feels they want to ask a question. Please message me.

Sarah xx


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    Hello Sarah. I'm not the mother of a child with arthritis either :) but I jump in here sometimes as parents are busy people and parents of children with arthritis are even busier.

    You've had quite a journey and I'm glad yours seems to be under control right now.

    I'm sure you'll be of great help to other parents if you can just manage to keep an eagle eye out for new posts. Parents tend to come on here in a bit of a panic (understandably) when their child is first diagnosed or referred but, once things have calmed down a bit for them, they often disappear for long periods which we hope is good news :D

    I'm sure many will take comfort from the fact that you got arthritis at such a young age but, after so much hassle, are managing to cope with two young children.. I think what most of us parents want for our children is 'normality' (whatever that might mean :lol: ).

    I'll look forward to seeing you on here and, if you want to join the rest of us 'grown-ups' (I use the term loosely :lol: ) on Living With Arthritis and Chit Chat, please do :D
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