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Hi I recently went for a consultation for a biomechanical system called apostherapy and was very impressed by it. I understand that bupa will pay for this in some instances but my health insurer will not. Has anyone tried it and can give any feed back? Many thanks


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    I guess it might help if you're in the very early stages of OA but it sounds, to a sceptical old hand like me, to be an expensive way of parting you with your money. I don't think Arthritis Care or Arthritis Research UK have ever recommended it. If you put the term into the little search facility (NOT the 'search box' but the small blue button underneath it that says 'search') lots of previious threads on it come up.
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    Sorry I haven't heard of this one, like SW says it can be easy to part you with your money..I am sure AC would have mentioned this if it was helping people with OA..
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    If it worked it would be on the NHS and the forum wouldn't be as busy. If you can afford to lose the money then try it but a cheaper option may be copper insoles for your shoes: those who don't have full-blown OA swear by them and they're around thirty pounds a pair. DD
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