I am Back. Suncather.

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Hi there
It been so long i forgot my pass word. My is memory not brilliant to say the least. i am not sure most of you will remember me and the rest will not know me at all i will introduce myself again. Hi my name is Joanne i have Rheumatoid arthritis,Depression and various eye sight problems.
I have two children one twenty a girl and a boy of nine. My son has Autistic spectrum disorder, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Hubs and daughter have traits but are not diagnosed and statement ed. Hubs has retired from teaching this summer. Older members on site may remember him as being called Badger.
My Medications i have been on so far for RA have been Hydro then methotraxine then sulfalzine then my savior lafludamide. It finally became no longer of use to me and i went down hill for well over a year before finally they gave me my infusions. i have had four so far. They have changed my depression meds. Citalapram stopped working im on Lustral i am starting to feel better than ive been in ages.
My eyes i had hole in retinas which got lazered two years ago i have now got a cateract in my good eye. My other eye had two ops as a child for lazy eye and im very short sighted. I also have dry eyes. I hope to return to the site again. I have given up lots of things due to my health issues. Now my meds are better i hope to get my life more sorted.
My hubs retirement is partly to do with my health issues and the need to support the family better. Badger has so many talents he is going to be doing those. Willow weaving being one of them. He finds it more relaxing than teaching science in a class room. He has been stressed with the ever changing work load at school, and is now starting to chill and smile again. I am looking forward to getting know you all. sorry if this has been a long post. love joanne


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    Hi Joanne {suncatcher}
    Of course I remember you.....got to admit not all the details but I remember you.
    So pleased to see you back
    Hope you do get back more regularly
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    Ditto from me :lol: I hope you and your husband can now relax and enjoy his retirement.
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    Hello Joanne
    And welcome back.. :) its always good to see people come back and tell us what been going on..only I am sorry you have been struggling with depression..it does seem to more common..and its because more people talk about it..so that is good..I am glad you are getting on top of it and long may it continue for you...its good to see your hubby is now retired and enjoying it..you take care and don't forget were we are :) x
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    Welcome back Joanne! Nice to see people come back to the site after sometime, I'm sure you will catch up with the goings on and slide back in to AC life!! :)
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    Hi Joanne

    I am sorry to hear things have not been great for you. Quite a few of the "regulars" are still here. ;) Life has changed for me a little too, both from the health point of view and I now have two grand daughters and help a little with another tiny charity, so I am not on the forum so much. I am pleased that I looked in today and saw your posting. I hope you can soon get back to some of your good works.

    Elna x
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    Of course I remember you and it's lovely to hear from you again with the update although the news is mixed. I think Badger has done exactly the right thing and I hope he is settling neatly into retirement - it will be good to have him around more often, yes? I wish you all well and hope to see your name on here again soon. DD
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    Its lovely to hear from you Suncatcher.

    I had no idea Badger was your husband. He was before my time but I often look back at the early threads and seen his name. I'm so glad he is enjoying his retirement and can spend more time with his family and doing his hobbies. I hope things are a little easier for you having an extra pair of hands around.

    All the best
    Elizabeth xxxx
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