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Went to hospital Thursday had X-ray done on my ankle it has healed very well was told to take air boot off and start to walk can not do any damage to it it is only just over five weeks when I had op . Looking at X-ray it looks good so now I have the full set one fusion one replacement life here we come it has been on hold for the last two years first up a walk with friends up to the pub which up to now I have not been able to do can get back on my push bike Just little things that mean so much :D:D:D


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    Aww smig thanks for the update I do love to hear how people are getting on, how lovely will it be when you can eventually get on the bike,something to work towards,I am sure as time goes on the ankle will get a lot stronger has bone grows round it..I know my hip keep updating us ..and I will have everything crossed for a brilliant recovery.. :) x
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    That's great news, smig. I'm very pleased for you. When you get to the pub mine's a very dry cider please :D
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