Cracking into an egg

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How :? Toast and a boiled egg is our Saturday morning treat (We lead simple lives :wink: ) but getting into the egg still defeats me.

I'm fine with hard boiled ones for salads which I can cool before shelling. But I like my breakfast egg runny. Whatever I do with it I either burn my fingers or take so long to get in it's no longer runny.

I bought a little guillotine-type device once. I guess it works for normal, strong, straight fingerss but, when I've got one manky hand holding one end and another manky hand steadying the other, I have no manky hand left with which to operate the guillotine. (I once tried it, without steadying the far end, and managed to fire the egg off the table :o )

I am open to suggestions as long as they don't involve gloves. They have yet to invent the glove that will go over my hands :lol:


  • Numptydumpty
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    Lakeland do a boiled egg topper which looks easy to use, might be worth investigating. Or, could you wear a mitten? Other than that, perhaps I could move in with you, I can still de-top my eggs so could do it for you :wink:
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    I hold mine still with a piece of folded over kitchen towel. You can wrap the towel around the egg then twist it to make a handle if you want? That's a trick I learnt at school for moving beakers of boiling water off tripods. I have hens so eat a lot of dippy eggs - my fave! yum yum!
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    Check out the Rosle egg topper Sticky might be what you are looking for Amazon do them xx
  • tkachev
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    I love runny eggs and eat them on a regular basis but have the same problem as you.
    OH can swipe the top off in one fell swoop but I just bash the top with a spoon and then try to cut and pick the rest off, burning my fingers in the process. I get there in the end.

    We've got the tongs for the toast, mainly for the children, but I must have a look at the Rosie egg topper.

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    I can't get the top off my boiled egg either - we should form a society! I let my husband do mine, but it's about time I found other options, so I shall follow up some of these suggestions.
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    Sorry cant help...I get OH to do mine.. :)
  • applerose
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    I get mine out of the pan with a slotted spoon then run them under the cold tap. You could also leave them in the pan and add cold water. It cools them down for long enough for me to decapitate them with a knife while holding them. Sorry doesn't actually help you with getting the tops off.
  • stickywicket
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    Thank you everyone. I'd no idea there were so many things on the market let alone just good ideas. I shall investigate but I shall not ask Mr SW to do it for him as his own always ends up like a bomb site :lol:
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    Why not poach them? Only one process involved, can be done to the required level of squishiness and will ooze nicely over the toast. DD
  • stickywicket
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    DD - I do like a poached egg on toast but can't handle the cutting of the toast first thing in the morning. It's a thought, though.

    Numpty - I completely overloked your very kind offer to move in and do it for me. Yup, you're on. Please bring a crate of red: I'll do the white :wink:
  • tjt6768
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    I can't help hun. I have asbestos fingers. :lol: probably a bit of nerve damage contributing to that :lol:
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    I cheat I get the OH to do it for me! But I can give you a tip that my dear friend from The Netherlands taught me for keeping an egg runny! When you get it boiled to how you like it shock the egg by then putting it in freezing cold water for a minute that way your egg has been shocked and will stay runny!! It works I do it all the time now. :wink:
  • stickywicket
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    Well, between us we got there :D

    I checked out all the gadgets ….and wondered. Oh for the opportunity to have a crack at the egg before you stump up the cash :?

    Meanwhile I rediscovered an old ornament of my Mum's. It's a donkey and cart. The cart is an eggcup (I think) though she only ever used it as an ornament. However.

    Yesterday morning I boiled my egg. Popped it in the cart. Cooled it for a minute under the tap then, holding the entire donkey in my left hand, with one finger steadying the egg, I whacked the top off with one mighty blow from the other hand and a small, sharp, serrated knife. Success :D Thank you everyone :D

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