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Even though we are a non smoking household, and rarely have visitors who do smoke (and then, only outside), I seem to regularly smell cigarette smoke (fresh, not stale, as though someone is smoking at the time), in our living room. It's not outside. It seems I'm the only one who smells it; so stands to reason it's not a 'real' smell? So, I've done various google searches, and there is a site (daily strength), where a couple if people on the forum have made similar comments!

So, just wondering if this happens, or has happened, to anyone else on here?

Really gets the back of my throat and tastes awful! Spending a fortune on mints!


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    I've not had this but I think it can be a sign of a problem with the nose or olfactory system. Maybe get it checked out,
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    Hi Sharon

    I got this for a time and I thought I might be going mad! ;) It eventually went but while it lasted which was quite a time as I remember it was not at all pleasant.

    You have my sympathies and I hope it disappears eventually like mine did.

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    When I first joined the forum this was a fairly common topic; it sometimes happens to me in that my fingertips occasionally smell of vomit but it doesn't last long, which is just as well because it isn't very nice. I keep forgetting to mention it to any doctor I see, I must try harder on that front because there may be a sensible explanation. DD
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    The only connection I have heard of that in is epilepsy
    Some people get a smell before a seizure {aura} others hear certain sounds, me ...when I used to have them fairly regularly I would be in a room and I would know what each person was going to say before they said it or going to do eg sit down stand up.....weird!! Obviously they had already said the thing or sat down stood up etc
    I've been stable for 33 years now thank goodness.
    Never heard of it in connection with arthritis