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Any ideas on gels/creams that can help with joint pain


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    There are a lot out there and the cynic in me says that's because none of them work. If they did the others would go out of business.

    According to the latest issue of Arthritis Care's magazine Inspire, the top tips for joints are:
    1. Keep one's weight healthy.
    2. Eat plenty of oily fish (sardines, salmon, mackerel etc) or take a fish oil supplement.
    3. Try to keep stress levels low.
    4. Maintain Vit D levels.

    After that come NSAIDS and paindullers :)
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    Anything that helps with easing joint pain has a temporary effect, end of. Your GP can prescribe capsaicin cream and others of that ilk, you can buy Voltarol gel and similar over the counter, but all they do is address the very outer limits of the hurt. In that way they are no different to tablets.

    I apologise but I cannot recall if you are an OA-er, an atuo-immune-er or have a creaky foot in both camps, but whatever your situation I suspect the outcome will be the same; temporary relief of a very small kind is the available option. DD
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    A topical gel or cream is the most common choice for relief from joint pain. But in most of the cases it offers a pain relief for minimal period. In my case, I use those generally for joint stiffness and back pain only :? .

    There are many available in the market like Nurofen, voltarol gels. The other type includes capsaicin gels that can take up to a week to have an effect. These create a heat sensation and can be effective, but they are good for short term relief only :( .