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Hi there, my 3 year old has seen the paediatric orthopaedic Dr and has been given a preliminary diagnosis of acute juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and she is due to see the rheumatologist sept 9th. I can't help but feel it has to be something else because she mainly gets her pain at night. She will be awake for hours rolling around in pain but during the day other than the occasional complaint she rarely has pain. She does get random fevers, a rash that comes and goes that seem to start on the joints and spread and when she is having a bad run with night pains she will fall over a lot during the day. I have read through other posts and nobody seems to have mentioned pain only at night time. Surely if it is arthritis she would be in pain night and day? Sorry for rambling just very confused!


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    Hi adamlilyrose,

    Thanks for your post to Helplines. I'm sorry to hear that your child has this pain and difficulty going on. I would imagine a paediatric rheumatologist will only confirm any diagnosis after they are reasonably certain.

    We are not medically qualified here at Helplines, so we can't ease your uncertainty, but do empathise. We are here if you'd like to talk through what's happening. And you'll find there is good support on the 'my child has arthritis forum' (I wonder if you've posted on there yet?) - and no one will mind if the diagnosis is not confirmed yet.

    We'd be happy to listen to you - and we can send you some information if you'd like. (Just email with your details and we'll send you further information.

    I hope we can help further.

    Kind regards