Not sure what is up with me

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Over the last couple of weeks my fatigued has increased and I've been feeling fairly drained. Also my left knee has been misbehaving and locking on and off, I wasn't sure if it was a flare as the pain came and went with the knee. But this morning I woke up feeling freezing and needed my snuggle cardigan on. I also feel totally yuk and when I looked in the mirror I looked as white as a ghost! And my left knee was painful again and I also had pain in my lower back. I can't decide if it's just a flu type bug or a flare up, what are your thoughts is there a flu type bug going about?


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    It's not the flu season yet (though almost into the flu jab season :wink: ) but that doesn't mean to say other viruses aren't about. I've always found that anything that raises my temperature sets off the RA. I hope you're soon feeling better.
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    I don't have RA but felt really ill Sunday through to yesterday with flu like aches, goosebumps etc and an upset stomach so perhaps there is some kind of bug going around.
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    Hey, it could be flare, flu or other virus. I am not sure; anyone can make an accurate prediction about what it is. For me, sickness causes flares and flu-like symptoms are common sign.

    Anyway in both cases you need to treat your symptoms. Visit your doc. He may run a flu test. Meanwhile Take it easy and try to stay hydrated and warm.

    Get well soon.

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    I hope you are feeling better. Get well soon.

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    hello bubba I have heard a few people on here talk about having flu like symptoms just before a flare, I hope its not and you feel better very soon..x