Astonished and astounded

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Yep couldn't believe it had a call from HCH to arrange my next delivery of humira and I still have two injections in fridge,two weeks tomorrow it's due shall wait with trepidation . Mig


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    Let's hope the delivery arrives and it isn't all just false hope!
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    I think that they have, finally, sorted themselves out. There's a dedicated Humira telephone number for my area, my fresh supply was delivered the day before we went away (as they said it would) so good luck, I reckon they mean it! DD
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    Good :D Let's hope this is a turning point, for you and all the others with HaH.
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    My last delivery was ridiculously bungled , over the course of a week I spoke to them 5 times on the phone , each time being told : tomorrow morning definitely ! It arrived 18 days late . I made an official complaint and to keep me sweet they sent me £20 of vouchers for a famous high street store .
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    Lets hope they have finally got their act together mig, keeping fingers crossed for you..................Marie xx
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    I hope it all arrives ok for you.

    HaH has been great for me so far, I think I'm one of the lucky ones maybe and live in an area where they seem to be able to meet demand.

    I also have a 24 hour helpline to call which is run by HaH and MSD for people taking Simponi, but according to the nurse who visited me at home this type of help line will eventually be rolled out to all biological drug patients. They seem to be much more informative and easier to contact if you have any questions regarding the drug. I.e should I take my medication because I have x going on right now.
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    Hope they arrive on time Mig fingers crossed they have now sorted out there probs..x
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    I used to get my Methotrexate from Central Homecare. I'm hoping I will be put back on it again and wonder whether the suppliers are the same. I know lots have had problems with HaH.

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    I hope you were sitting when you received the call. The shock could have caused an injury. :wink:

    Fingers crossed that they deliver as promised.