Just wanted to say hi!!

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Hello :D

I posted earlier about just being diagnosed with ra I think I posted in the wrong one lol.
I was told I got ra threw a flu I was admitted to hospital for three days with no mobility stiffness redness an swollen ankles and kneecap, it seems still a shock that something like the flu could of giving me this! Two months done the line im still in pain an now its travelling to my hip :( going to rheumatology next week for a first appointment.



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    Hello again :) No, I think you were right first time. Posting on the Living With Arthritis forum will always get more replies so I'd stick with that if I were you :)
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    Thank you :D
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    Hello Bumblebee22 And a warm welcome from me, sorry you had to join us but its a brilliant forum to get support and lots of info...good luck at the rheumy clinic you make a list of any questions or anything you think is connected to your RA..its surprising how your brain can go blank.. :?
    oops I just realised I posted on your thread in LWA...see what I mean about brains.. :lol:
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    Hi Bumblebee,

    Nice to meet you and welcome from me! You certainly have come to the right place. I'm a newbie too and have found so much support and information here. This forum really has been an invaluable tool in figuring what is going on with my RA. Good luck with your 1st rheumatology appointment. Hope to see your posts around. F