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Have to say that apart from the new version of the theme tune I'm really liking the new Dr Who. Never really liked the last Dr but like Peter Capaldi's take on the role, quite dark and not so cuddly, definitely a Dr you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of.
Like the steam punk decor of the TARDIS too.


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    I was only half watching it. The other half of me was playing Scrabble with my sister. He definitely seemed darker. My son always records Dr Who in order to censor it before his 7 yr old watches. I think young G might not get to watch much of this series :wink: More for adults like his Dad.

    I like Peter Capaldi as an actor and I'm sure the role will be safe in his hands.
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    I don't really watch it ,but I love Peter Capaldi so thought I would, and he didn't disappoint..we have tapped it for our GDs in case they missed it they love it..
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    Can't stand the programme but I reckon he will be a far more interesting Doctor than the previous lightweights. I read the reviews this morning in the Sunday papers and agree with his total bafflement that humans need a specific room in which not to be awake; Mr DD manages to achieve that state in many of our awake rooms. DD
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    Never cared for Dr. Who but love Peter Capaldi. One of my favs is 'The Thick of It'. I decided to give it a go and watched the episode on iPlayer this morning. I was pleasently surprised. Might have to give Dr.W a go this season. Lets see if they can make a fan out of me after all.
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    I love Dr Who, in whatever form he is in. I have grown up with him, I think Peter Capaldi is going to be the best one yet (except William Hartnell my first doctor). :D
    Slosh that theme tune was made up by the fans when they took the tour around the world to promote the show, back to normal next week hopefully :roll:
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    I only came into Dr Who when David Tennant was about to leave but have been a kind of fan. Was unsure of Peter Capaldi but kinda like him fingers crossed this series is going to be as good as the 1st episode.
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    Daleks tonight!

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