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Hi all I am 34

Well I got diagnosed with arthritis in my neck early this year,all started when I had an accident in which tricked or caused the arthritis which I think it did as it was a very phsycial job and they very rotated ppl on the job,the pains I got from it was horrible getting really bad headaches pains in the head down the arms wasn't nice,ended up getting depression.

I am still suffering with pain aches In the neck and shoulders,when in bed both shoulders go num and get pins and needles.

My doctor has just said get pain killers (cocodomol).

I was talking to him about my job on what work I do,he was saying that I should think about getting a new job or do a course somethink that would be better for me in the long term,as the arthritis will give me more problems as I get older.
All so I am going through the sickness process on a stage 2 because of the time I am having off.

Plus I have two young kids which I find hard to do things with them as the pain aches get worse.

So some HELP and advice would be very great full as I feel as though I have been told that I have arthritis and to just deal with it :(:( .


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    I have cervical spondylosis in my neck affecting and also had two prolapsed discs and earlier this year I had the discs removed and the lower three vertebrae in my neck fused. I also have severe pain in my shoulders and upper arms together with some muscle weakness and pins and needles in my left arm. How was your problem diagnosed? Initially mine was thought to be cervical facet syndrome but as I did not respond to physiotherapy I had an MRI which made the diagnosis and was referred to an orthapedic specialist. This did take a while, first went to GP in April 2013, diagnosis August, first specialist appointment November and op in February this year.

    Have you had an MRI or seen a specialist yet? If not I would suggest you speak to your GP and also about a physio referral if you have not already seen one.

    Mine has no cause, unlike you however it does affect me at work as I use a computer much of the time which I have been told is one of the worst things! In terms of work have you seen an Occupational health adviser as I found their advice very helpful and another option, depending on your job could be an access to work assessment which I also had and which made various reccomendations for equipment to support me at work.

    Another option as a possible alternative to be signed off sick is to get a reduced hours/duties note from your GP, which means you do not loose pay. My GP put me on these for several months as he said it was inappropriate to sign me off sick as it was an ongoing condition. I kept going until I saw the specialist again in January and was told I needed surgery.

    As for pain relief there are other options and you need to discuss this with your GP.
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    Yes i have the same symptoms,i had an mri and seen a nero sugern.
    The mri came back with degenative arthritis and he said i dont need to see him again.
    So was still getting pins and needle went the docs and he has sent me back to see him got appiontment in november.

    I will have a look into them where do i see the OH or whats the phone number or web site ?

    Thanks for your reply
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    Your GP is quite typical of some. Unfortunately, there's no cure for arthritis and much of the treatment consists of what we do for ourselves. Physio can help, a Pain Clinic will give tips on dealing with it and / or you might find something here http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Selfmanagement/pain-management There is more to pain relief than cocodamol, especially if you can't sleep for it but obviously the stronger the pain relieving meds the more spaced out we are likely to become.

    Slosh is much more clued up on neck pain than I am so I'll just stop there but welcome to the forum :)
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    Hello Shakey
    And welcome to the forum,I am sorry you are suffering with your neck it must be so hard having to work like that, I have OA in mine but not to bad at the min, the one thing that did help me was the Physio I saw, she gave me exercises that I did lied on the floor to keep the weight off..they really did help.that and my wheat cushion that you put in the microwave, you do have to be careful to keep it moving gently and regular...I do hope you can get some help soon..
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I have two kinds of arthritis, the first one led to the osteoarthritis in a number of useful joints, which I guess is the one that you have. It's true, alas, that the docs cannot do that much to help us because there is not much to be done, especially if your affected joints are ones that cannot be replaced.

    My GP prescribes pain relief (30/500 cocodamol), an anti-inflammatory (diclofenac) and a stomach protector (omeprazole) but I don't take the anti-inflammatory as a matter of course due to the medications for my other arthritis. Your situation is different and it may be an option for you. Some GPs are a little on the tardy side when it comes to dealing with OA because it is very common and, as I said, they do not have much in the way of options for treating it.

    Once arthritis of any sort has moved in it won't move out and we have to adjust to living with it. That is not easy - in fact it's very challenging - so I think your first step is to find a more empathetic doctor so you have a better source of help and support. I wish you well. DD
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    Re Occupational Health, I think it depends on who you work for but my referrals were made by my headteacher via human resources.
    I haven't seen neurosurgeon, but I have been referred to neurology for another problem unrelated to my neck.
    If you haven't already seen one it would be worth asking your GP to refer you to a physiotherapist. While it didn't help me pre-surgery, it was very good after and the exercises really help to relieve the stiffness and pain and the advice on posture etc was good. I also found the deep/soft tissue massage of my neck and shoulders while painful initially did help to relax the muscles and help with pain.
    A hot wheat pack also helps and I know TENS machine can also help with the pain but unfortunately I can't use one due to my fusion.
    I also find it helps to sleep on a single shaped pillow as it kerps the neck straight, I found mine via that well known Internet site A......
    I've also found that relaxation exercises help as does not sitting in one position for too long.
    If you contact Arthritis Care on the helpline they will send you a very helpful booklet on neck pain.
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    I have severe neck pain due to psoriatic arthritis in my spine and elsewhere. I had to give up on the idea that I could do much physically as almost everything aggravates it. I got a good small size memory foam cervical pillow and that really helps me at night. Beyond that, and realize mine is an inflammatory arthritis and not yet severe OA, activities like lifting, carrying, walking on uneven surfaces, aggravates it. Heat also helps.

    Take care, neck pain can be the worst....
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    Thanks for all your replys very great full for that.

    So I have a lot to learn about arthritis then,one of the big things is waking up like I have just gone to sleep so I think one of them pillows is going to be on me shopping list.

    I was having physio but never really worked for me infact one of the sessions in had I went all dizzy and very fatigue wasn't nice.

    My doc will only give 8/500 cocodomol nothing stronger.

    I work in Airbus so some of the work is quite hard I am defo going to need to try and find another job in there or leave.

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