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:?: just joined, have not got a clue what, help please:-)o


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    Hi Smith ,Well just post again with a little more to go on hope your not to bad always some one here good luck Marrianne :)
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    Hi Smith
    Just post again telling us if you have arthritis, have you been diagnosed by a doc or rheumatology? If so what kind, and how does it affect you
    Then we can go from there......we all have so many different types of arthritis that I'm sure between us we'll be able to help :D
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    Do hope you are a feeling a bit better. do try and send a few lines - there are so many willing people on this forum who I am sure will give you encouragement
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    Hi Smith, go ahead and share your feeling here on forum without any hesitation.
    It is completely normal to feel helpless, alone and lost. I felt the same way :( , but there are many of us lovely supportive people here sharing their feelings and experiences.
    Remember you are not alone and people here are more than willing to help as much as possible.

    Sending you positive vibes, :)

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