Just a ranty tant!

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I applied to Access to Work who originally said I would be eligible for equipment (ergonomic chair, mouse and keyboard etc) and for travel. They delayed my application - with a few pathetic apologies - and then said I would only be entitled to equipment as I have my own car which means I am obviously able to drive all the time. :?

Today, I got a phone call stating that my manager has not returned their calls or emails and they refuse to keep my case open indefinitely so they are closing my case. :o I can reapply if I want but I will have to go through the entire assessment process again.

I spoke to my manager who said that she has responded to the assessor but she can't get hold of him either and has left messages. AtW have denied any record of these calls. My manager is very reliable and trustworthy, so I have no reason to disbelieve her.

To make matters worse, my back and hips are in a bad state and I had to leave work early due to severe pain. My osteopath feels that the amount of driving I'm doing is stiffening my joints (I'm averaging about 60 miles a day) as is my poor desk set up. He is disappointed for me because I had made such great progress up until a month ago and I've almost gone back to square one. It's so upsetting and frustrating. :(

I just needed to rant and get my frustrations out or I'll stew on this and not sleep properly tonight.

Thank you if you've got to the end of this!


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    Of course I reached the end of it, who wouldn't? :? I don't know what to say but I can understand why you feel as you do: it's not good enough, is it? You are courageous, determined and pro-active but, alas, those around you may not be cast in that mould because they don't have to be. :roll: They are not doing you a favour, they should be doing their job. :x Yet again the lack of understanding about our conditions, the troubles we face on a daily basis and their apparent inability to return calls and emails is worrying: like you I have a car but can't drive her every day but obviously I can because I have one. Flawed logic, yes?

    I don't know what to suggest having been self-employed but I am pleased that your boss appears to be on your side - let it rest over the week-end if you can and we'll decide a strategy, OK? ((( ))) DD
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    What about phoning your access to work advisor, the person you spoke to initially to get the process started? I know I had to contact mine with a query and he was very helpful. Their name and phone number should be on your copy of the assessment.

    Really hope you can get this sorted, mind you even when everything's signed and returned there can be problems, popped into school today and found that none of my stuff had been ordered.

    This must be so frustrating for you as the correct equipment will make such a difference.
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    I'm sorry
    I don't know what to say either having been self employed
    I can only sympathise with you and rant with you about these people that don't understand our condition and what we go through
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    Just had another thought, is there anyway you could negotiate to work from home one day a week to have a break from the drive and a slightly shorter day without the time it takes you to get to and from work.
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    No wounder you need to rant , you have worked so hard to get were you are, and now you are not getting the help you need at work, this is disgusting ..you keep on at them,and good luck..x
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    I just noticed my title; it was meant to be "ranty rant" not "ranty tant" but never mind, eh?! :D

    Thank you for the replies, it's food for thought. It was my AtW advisor who has ended my claim and he was actually not overly polite to me. I've tried to organise my thoughts and I am going to write a polite but firm letter saying how unacceptable I've found this process.

    My team actually does work from home quite a bit and because this was in my contract, AtW agreed to assess my home environment too. I've spoken to someone who said that actually, occupational health has responsibility to ensuring I have a correct desk set up. I am going to contact them first thing tomorrow. As for home, I am happy to buy an ergonomic keyboard etc but I'm not happy to do that at work because keyboards go walkies - not taken but moved.

    I think this was just the last straw. I'm going to try to keep calm and relaxed and manage my emotions as best I can. And breathe......!
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    I am sorry Starburst. Of course, you already have enough to get used to with your new job. Frustrating, and life just doesn't need to be so hard.

    Keep breathing and smiling (or at least grimacing) :D
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    I hope things went well today. Well done for continuing to cope so well with so much adversity. The accumulation of what appear to be relatively minor things makes life every bit as hard as the odd major one. Keep battling on, Sophie.
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    it was meant to be "ranty rant" not "ranty tant"
    I think I prefer your alternative version to the intended one....
    I see you are going to write a letter - I was going to suggest that the time had come to do so, as it's so easy for phone calls and emails to be 'lost' or not received and leave no trace. Just remember to get a 'proof of posting' to show when and where it was posted, it can be useful when you are told 'we didn't receive your letter' as you can send a photocopy with a second copy of the original letter.
    As your manager by implication has been accused of failure to respond perhaps she could write as well with a note of when she tried to contact/reply to the person concerned?
    I do hope this can be sorted out Sophie, it isn't right that your outstanding efforts are being undermined by some inadequate pen pusher.
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    Good luck with this mess, the irony of having to fight for help from the people who are supposed to help you is quite fantastical. I've been lucky enough to be able to sort most of my work related issues with a very supportive boss who is happy for me to do what I need as and when and to fund whatever equipment may help so have circumnavigated all of the official lines but I suspect that isn't possible in the public sector. I too back a letter and send it to the top of the tree, nothing seems to work like somebody's boss asking them why the chief executive has been disturbed with something as trivial as the workload and an actual real person and their needs.
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    Just discovered that although my head agreed and I got all the paperwork though so that the school will be able to claim back some of the cost none of the equipment reccomended from my Access to Work assessment has been ordered! The person who was given the details didn't think it was important to get it done at the end of last term and now the finance manager has said nothing can be ordered yet. Trying to chase it and when I meet with my head on Friday if it hasn't been ordered by anyone else I will do the ordering.

    I don't think people really understand the difference having the correct equipment makes.

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