An update on Humira

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I started Humira at the beginning of summer and having seen my consultant at Norwich last week it's confirmed how well I'm doing!

My crps and es...?, the other one anyway, have dropped dramatically since then!
But the bloods only tell what I already know. I feel better, moving less stiffly. My hands and feet aren't swollen and inflamed.
Obviously nothing can be done for the damaged joints but they are definitely more flexible than they were.

I'm still on the meth injections and sulph tabs as well but really the Humira has given me my life back.

Thank goodness for these modern drugs eh?

It's working well so far for me, hope this helps someone considering Humira, and works as well for them.


  • Starburst
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    That's great news. I always like to hear that....long may it last! I've had a better quality of life on anti TNFs, even though I have had some flares. Like you, I still deal with joint damage but there's something reassuring about feeling confident that your joints aren't continuing to erode, isn't there?
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    How lovely! Thanks so much for letting us know your good news, Pippa. I shall try to refer humira newbies to this thread (though I might forget :oops: ) It's so encouraging when we find people for whom the meds are doing exactly what they're supposed to do. Long may it continue :D
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    Hi Pippa, I am glad Humira is doing its job for you and wish it continues to do it for times to come.

    I think it's great that you are focusing on the positive effects rather than the potential negative side effects of the drug. MTX plus Humira is generally great combination and helps you to get back to functionality.

    Good luck!!!

  • ichabod6
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    Hello Pippa,

    Glad to read that humira is working for you.
    This time round I have been stabbing myself for over twelve months
    now and my esr has plummeted Like you I am moving around well.
    I dont need my stick or walkabout buggy and I havent taken pain dullers
    for yonks. A bonus for me is that I also have crohns disease and humira
    is my prescribed medication for that; a bogof.
    I hope all continues to go well for you.
    Take care.
  • dreamdaisy
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    My ESR and CRP are now often too low to measure, which has to be a good thing. I hope that those who will shortly be starting this (or any other anti TNF) will read this thread and take heart. I hope it continues to help for a good long time. DD
  • Starburst
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    My inflammatory markers are also normal on humira. I know that some people have active inflammation with normal ESR/CRP but I definitely feel it's a positive step if you're one of those people who usually have elevated markers.
  • tkachev
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    I am very pleased for you. It worked well for me too. My rheummy wanted to put me on humira so that I was stable enough for some much-needed joint replacements and I was able to have a THR a few months later, although I had to stop taking it few a time before and after the op.

  • barbara12
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    Pippa I am so pleased for you, and long may it continue, please keep us updated..
  • Boomer13
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    That's terrific news. I'm glad it has worked for you.

    Thanks for posting. I've been considering Humira for myself.

    Best wishes, hope it continues to work.
  • theresak
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    I'm so pleased it's working for you - I was given it just over seven years ago now, after trying & failing on several DMARDS and combinations of DMARDS, and it improved my quality of life hugely. It's not doing as well as it was, but at the moment I'm doing OK.
    I hope it lasts as long for you.

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