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Good morning

Sorry I have not been on for quite a while, been going through some things and not been good

Well been to see the orthopaedic surgeon and as he suspected I am to have an operation.. 4 inches of my collarbone and a bit shaved of my shoulder, date given 11th November so not too long too wait...

Im not in a good place emotionally right now having to deal with a family fallout and it does not look like the hurt will ever be repaired...

Got a bit of good news though, after 4 OT reports im finally getting a wet room... Yes 4 OT reports, council did not like the 1st report so kept asking for different OT"s to come and assess me and they all came to the same answer it needs to be did. I had to laugh...That's about the only good thing to happen right now..

Hopefully every one is not in too much pain

Take care
Lily xx


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    You're having a rough time. Operation in the offing and a family feud. One is bad enough without the other. Stand up for the op and retire from the feud. You are the most important at the moment so for once concentrate on yourself! I'm good at giving advice but not always at taking it! :-D
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    The wet room is good news and I hope the operation will bring good results too, Lily. You must look after yourself now and not worry about family fall outs. Let those who wish to be angry, be angry. Your job is to look after yourself and give this operation its best chance of success. I wish you well. Please keep us informed.

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