R.I.P Joan Rivers

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Joan Rivers has died aged 81. Very funny lady who has had multiple plastic surgery in recent years.
R.I.P Joan


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    Very sad news ; we saw her last year and laughed so much that we bought tickets to see her next month on her UK tour . She'll be missed .
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    Can't say I was a fan, but always sad to hear of someone's death and she did touch so many lives with her humour. RIP

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  • barbara12
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    Just come back form a short break Ron..so I am late seeing this...I never realised how funny she was till I watched the recording of her...she was so very quick in delivering her lines...and apparently sat up half the night reading what was the topics of the day so she could incorporate it into her show...RIP
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    I loved Joan Rivers, she wasn't scared to say what real people where thinking! She is Marmite though, you either love her or hate her! Very funny women who will never be forgotten that's for sure! R.I.P Joan