Applying for NHS Ill Health Retirement

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Hallo, I'm new to the forum & I'm a 41 yo nurse, I have suffered from joint pains past 10 yrs or so, diagnosed last year with seronegative RA, the joint pains over past year particularly bad in knees & hands. I also have degenerative discs & needed a major disc replacement op last Dec. Unfortunately it hasn't helped, and I'm continually in pain with neck & joints. I am facing termination from my post in Dec this year as I will have been off 12 months by then. I am about to apply for ill health retirement as I have paid super annuation for up to 20 yrs in my career. Any advice appreciated!! I know the OH dept will write to my consultants but do I need to ask them myself to support the application? Bit confused at this moment & time!


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    Rose, I'm sorry your post hasn't been answered. I've been out of the workforce for so long I know nothing about these things but, if you contact our Helpline people (by phone, email or on their forum) I'm sure they'll be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck :)
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    Hi rose
    I have sent you a private message' I hope it's helpful. HRM will write to and request info from your consultant and they will arrange for you to be assessed by occ health. My assessment was absolutely fine, I was honest, and my work records backed up my poor health. She said it was very clear ( among other things) when I couldn't take my coat off without help that I was no longer fit for work.
    Hope all goes in your favour.
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    Hi Rose has your union been involved, has anyone from HR mentioned "incapability"?, this is a catch all they use it means you have effectively terminated your employment due to illness, be aware of the term but that said it sounds like you have a fairly straight case just don't get to lulled into a false sense of security, it took me 4 years to get mine but my HR department were nasty from the off so were my line managers so I planned for the worst case and that was industrial tribunal but thankfully it never came to that, if I were you I'd keep as many notes as you can and same goes for e mails etc, and don't trust people to much its not so much they are malicious its just people tend to gossip so the less you say the less they will have to talk about.