What Prince William couldn't say.

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Picture the scene: he's hiding in a toilet cubicle in Oxford having just opened a new science thingy-doo-dah-whatnot all on his own. He is muttering and shredding a load of toilet roll.

'Blast. She told me she was still taking the pill, how the hell are we going to cope? We don't have the room (or the money) to support a second child - the worry of this is enough to make one go bald. And I'll have to endure yet again all the nudge-nudges and wink-winks that Harry indulged in when George was on his way. Oh Kate, what have you gone and done?'

My jaw nearly hit the ground when the news channels were trumpeting 'Hear Prince William's reaction to this news!' Oddly enough I reckon he already knew and of course he is going to be delighted, ecstatic, happy, joyous, pleased etc. etc. etc. FCOL. Yes, they're royalty so yes, it's newsworthy and should be covered but not to yesterday's extent. More important things are happening in the world, yes? DD


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    I'm just grateful to the Scotland debate.
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    Me too!
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    I liked the way that the press made all that fuss and then said there wouldn't be as much fuss because it was the second and not heir to the throne. Some news commentator had also taken the royal diary for next spring and the possible dates and worked out that baby number two wasn't necessarily expected - it must be a joy to be an unexpected baby and have the world know you were an accident and not as interesting as your brother.

    Some other commentator mentioned how many 30 something women like to get the children thing over and done in a 'batch' because it is has less of an impact on their careers that way, clearly an issue for Kate
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    My penpal in the US sent me an excited personal message on Facebook about it. What is it about American's and the Royal Family - oh yes, she's convinced she's distantly related to them. :lol:

    Personally I can't be bothered. :shock:
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    Here we go again...right through the christening and beyond..I will give William his due he said to a lady journalist that shouted would you like a girl this time, and he smiled and said there are more important things going on in the world :)
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    The fuss the world makes is probably connected that the Royal Family is real. We cann all see the Qeen, Kate&William, Harry, Charles and Camilla. They're part of the country, society, often in the media. With a long and exciting history. I hope you understand what I mean by 'REAL'. That's why the world makes fuss. Because it's something extraordinary for them, they don't have it LIKE US :)
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    At the lunch interval in the Notts. v Yorks. Cricket match the speccies were asked about potential names given that their firstborn was 'George'.

    Answer – Mildred :lol:
    (You probably have to be of a certain age to get it.)
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    There was a great article named "woman has baby" which about sums it up for me. Lovely news for them but the amount of media fuss? Nah, not my cup of cha!
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    HRH Mildred!! I love it - and I`m old enough to get it.
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    At least we can all enjoy family life, no strife or wars, our democratic country did all that a long time ago. Good luck to all families.