New Malware/virus hitting PC's!

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Okay I was hit with yet a new Malware/Virus!! This one after reading about is a sneaky little b****r so watch out! It shows up as a search engine called V9 now it comes across as clean, no problems but it isn't it collects all your downloads, history and personal information including passwords. It is very hard to find in your add and remove files as it comes under different names. The only way to remove properly is to get a proper Malware remover applications. My OH used 'Adwcleaner' to get it properly removed. I hope you don't get hit with it as it's a really nasty one! My P.C is like fort knocks now with different programmes in case something decides to piggy back on to my P.C!!


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    Thanks for the warning - forewarned is forarmed!
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    Thanks for the warning bubba..don't you just get sick of watching out for these...when I first started using a comp in 98 I didn't have security for a few years now we don't have a choice.. :roll:
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    Thanks for the warning. I'm now using AntiMalwarebytes, free from file hippo, but very good. I'd been having problems with odd things happening, like sites insisting I download software I didn't want, and links that caused problems. Don't know if it's the same one you mentioned Bubba, but it's gone now. PHEW!!

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    How does it get onto your computer? what are we looking out for? some hitch a ride on the usual downloads so its easy to miss.

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