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Every little helps, including overstating your finances by an astonishing amount of money. :wink:

What a breath-taking fiasco this is. And here's more food for thought: more people live in Essex than voted 'Yes' in that referendum. DD
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    Tes** have been in out bad books since they started buying up land..till they got round to building another one..we have a lovely little store nearby that has been there for 30 years ..a couple of years ago Tes** came along and built a small store across from it ...so now the store is up for sale...I do think this is something to do with there downfall, and they need to change tactics..ie keep on the right side of your customer..rant over... :o
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    Couldn't agree more Barbara. They have just bought a community market space in my town and plan to build there even though there is a huge tesco 10 minutes away, a decent sized one 5 minutes away and three more stores about 15 minutes away. We dont want or need one here and have a good range of independent stores that would be heavily impacted by the competition. Their ethics on building have always been shocking, I work with planners and the tactics used by Tesco are horrendous - it doesn't surprise me that they have a similar approach to their finances.

    As for more people in Essex than voted yes - that is quite a sobering thought isn't it?! Seems like there is quite a debate afoot regarding governance, for now though it seems like Labour are hell bent on attacking tory policy because they, like the tories, are probably quite happy maintaining the status quo and not letting us break their little party up - time for a big change but I won't be surprised if we don't get it.
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